Please join us…

All of us are invited to enter into the Lent Season and journey towards Easter with the imposition of Ashes. I have found the gift of ashes to be a deeply spiritual moment any time I have had them put on my forehead. I feel strongly that this is an integral way to enter into the 40-Day season and it is my hope that all in our community can partake in this experience this coming Wednesday.

Our traditional liturgy will be offered at 10am and 7pm on Wednesday at St. James. If you have never participated please consider attending. If you always participate I look forward to seeing you again.

However if you are not able to participate in the full liturgies please consider dropping in between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesday at St. James. I will be in the sanctuary and will have some chairs set-up for a short moment of prayer, silence, imposition of ashes, and prayer of invitation into Lent. I will guide any individuals and/or families who choose to come throughout the two hour session; each individual/family will need approximately 10 minutes (from entry and departure) to participate in this important moment of entry into this special season and the sanctuary will have music playing for quiet reflection before or after your ashes being imposed. If you have any questions please email me at If not, just show up anytime between 5 and 7pm ( on your way home from work, on your way to kids activities) and meet me in the church.

The Open House is open to all your neighbours and friends… anyone who wants to enter the season is welcome! 

The Wikepedia page on Ash Wednesday is actually pretty good. If you would like some info on what Ash Wednesday is all about I encourage you to take a peek at it:

For additional information on Lent please consider reading these short articles at The Anglican Journal: