Our Staff

The Reverend Monique Stone

The Reverend Monique Stone joined the community in August 2011 with excitement and anticipation. She feels particularly connected to the vision of the parish; “We are a diverse community, united by the presence of Jesus, seeking to connect with one another in faith, worship and service”. Her own ministry is influenced by the conviction that diverse individuals in a community who are united by a love of Christ create dynamic, transformative, and encouraging environments that enable the Gospel to be lived out. She has a passion for discovering how all church groups; from children to elders and newcomers to long-standing members, can teach, share, and support each other.

Monique lives in the rural community of North Gower with her husband Chris and their two children, Lily, 16, and Rory, 13.

Prior to completing her Bachelor of Theology and Masters of Pastoral Theology at Saint Paul University Monique enjoyed a lengthy career as a public engagement & organizational change specialist in the areas of environmental and social sustainability at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government. Her consulting work included projects in the area of climate change, transit infrastructure, urban tree protection, brownfield redevelopment, rural and urban community relations, and urban planning.

Over the past two years Monique has been a key leader in the development of a long-term strategic plan for the Anglican Diocese entitled Embracing God’s Future.

She recently became a Byron Fellow (Warren Wilson College, North Carolina) as well as a Re:Generate Fellow through the Food, Faith and Religious Leadership Initiative at Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity. She is a regular contributor to the national church blog ‘The Community’ and is a member of General Synod. Her most recent published work is found in Geez Magazine entitled; Over Your Dead Body’.

Monique also completed an Honours Bachelor degree in Psychology from York University where she focused on personality diversity and counselling. Her published work in the UK journal Personality and Individual Differences highlights her work with adolescents impacted by social stressors.

In her spare time she hangs out with her husband, two kids, and four pets (one bulldog, one cat, and two ferrets)

Always excited to chat, especially over a cup of coffee, Monique invites you to give the office a call to schedule some time to get together. Newcomers who are looking to get to know the community are welcome to send an email, give a call, or come in to the office for a conversation. Email Pastor Monique at huntleypriest@bellnet.ca

Cathy Yocom ~ Parish Administrator

Our parish administrator, Cathy, is the focal point for all parish business. Working with Pastor Monique, she produces the weekly bulletin, flyers, handouts, and the volunteer schedule; assists in scheduling events; and handles a myriad of questions by phone and direct contact. In short, Cathy is a key ‘go-to’ person at Huntley and has been for over 24 years! You can reach Cathy at huntleyoffice@bellnet.ca or by calling the Parish Office at 613-839-3195.