Caring for those in Need

As the body of Christ we are called to care for those in need throughout our community. We do this by being in relationship with each other and reaching out to those who need a lending hand and a listening ear.

All Christians are called to this task of caring and can demonstrate care with a friendly smile, a prayer, or deepening their relationship with friends and neighbours.

Our Parish cares for many community members in unique ways, including:

  • Taking Home Communion to House Bound parishioners
  • Visiting the elders in our community; especially during the seasons of Easter and Christmas
  • Supporting families and friends through the death of various community members
  • Providing transportation to and from church services
  • Responding confidentially to those in crisis
  • Conducting a monthly service at West Carleton Apartments
  • Supporting many parishioners transitioning through various life events
  • Providing Communication materials, devotional booklets, and flowers for home-visits

A Highlight of some Additional Goals:

  • To hold a program on death and grieving amongst the community
  • To continue to reach out to our home-bound elders
  • To develop a more systematic transportation support program
  • To support various activities going on throughout the Carp community