Ontario Shutdown Implications for Churches

Bishop Shane Parker has announced that Our Diocese will be returning to the Red stage 26 Dec 2020. this means that in-person services will be suspended. Our Christmas Bubble services will continue and services on Christmas Eve will take place, but there is no longer...

Christmas Eve Services

There will be two  in-person Christmas Eve services in the Huntley Anglican Parish this year. They will be held at 4:30 pm and 6 pm and people need to book in advance by calling 613 839 3195. The services will be held at the Parish Hall, adjoining St James Church at...

Advent Liturgy for use at home

 Advent is the 4-week period before Christmas when Christians are encouraged to wait patiently for the return of our God in the child of Bethlehem. People use wreaths in their churches and homes to countdon the 4 weeks to Christmas. Here is a liturgy that can be used...


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