Easter Sunday

Experience the sheer joy of those first disciples. Jesus is Risen! No tomb could ever hold Him. Jesus is alive forever and He welcomes us to join His followers and celebrate. Early in the morning at 9 am we will gather to thankfully pray at St John's and Christ...

Holy Week Services

Holy Week in 2019 occurs between 14 April (Palm Sunday) and 21 April (Easter Sunday). In Lent we have been travelling with Jesus through the wilderness and up to Jerusalem. In Holy week we will sit with Him in the upper Room and walk with Him to the Mount of Olives....

Final Adult Lenten Study

Our final Lenten adult study happens on Thursday, 11 April,2019. We are rediscovering the saints and recognizing the lessons that they teach us as followers of Jesus. This week we will encounter the 'Lady of the Lamp', Florence Nightingale. We will discover the...


  • April 28, 2019Easter 2 9am St john's 1030 am St james
  • May 1, 2019Wednesday Eucharist 10am
  • May 5, 2019Easter 3 Christ Church 9am St James 1030am
  • May 8, 2019Wednesday Eucharist 10am
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We are a growing and vibrant group of individuals and families of all ages eager to welcome all who are seeking to be guided by faith in their life-long journey! We are a community where you can come as you are

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