The Anglican Parish of Huntley is a growing and vibrant group of individuals of all ages eager to welcome anyone who is seeking to be guided by faith in their life-long journey.

We are a ‘parish’ in the Carp community. That basically means that we have more than one church in our geographical area ~ we actually have three! Historically churches were built within a 20 minute radius by horse and buggy. So if you use a horse and buggy for transportation you can hopefully reach one of our three churches within 20 minutes from your home. If you have upgraded to a car you can probably reach any of our three churches within 20 minutes so you can choose whichever one you’d like! They are all a bit unique. We normally have services at each church every Sunday (with some exceptions during the summer and on special days when the occasion is best suited for us to worship together as a Parish Community).

If you want to get to know us we invite you to explore our website. Our aim is for this site to give you an initial feel for the community. We hope you will also consider joining us at any of our church activities or our Sunday worship. If you visit us in person please consider introducing yourself to anyone in the community so they can help you get comfortable and show you around. We also have a Newcomer Package that you can take a look at or print out at home; you can find that HERE.


Are you new to Anglicanism? If you are you may find worship on Sunday’s a little different. We use prayer books, a bulletin, and a hymn book most of the time and we have some customs that sometimes take a bit of figuring out. We stand, we sit, we say prayers together, sometimes the Priest talks, sometimes others talk, sometimes everyone talks or sings together, sometimes we are silent for a bit. We do a lot in about 60 minutes and it’s rarely perfect and sometimes you can get confused! But that’s okay! Don’t expect to figure it out all at once cause you don’t need to (chances are there are people in the pews who are still figuring it out or who forget the odd time what to do… including the Priest!). Just come and join in…


About Kids… kids are welcome at all three churches. At any of the three churches children are welcome to participate fully in the church service and be part of the worship. There is a children’s area in each church that has a variety of activities for all ages; at any time during the service children can check the children’s area out or take an activity back to their pew.

At St. James we run a Children’s program  in the Parish Hall on most Sundays. At Christ Church there is Sunday school once a month on the second Sunday of each month. The program includes a variety of learning methods including crafts, discussion, and a Lego building area. Throughout the year we will have different themes and activities planned for our younger parishioners but we will always have an All-Ages Service at least once every five weeks so that parishioners from our youngest to our oldest receive the many blessings of being a community who worships together!

Want more information? Feel free to email Cathy at the office or call her at 613-839-3195. If you would like to speak with one of our current members about their experience and participation in the community please connect with Cathy so that she can connect you with someone to chat one on one about what it is like to be journeying together in faith at the Anglican Parish of Huntley!