Frequently Asked Questions about Death Care

Q. Can anyone be buried in these sacred spaces?
A. The two cemeteries (i.e. casket and urn plots) are reserved for members of the parish and their families. The columbarium and scattering garden (located within the St. James Cemetery property) are open to members of the community. In all cases burial and/or scattering rights must be purchased through the Cemetery Coordinator (see contact info in subsequent questions).

Q. How do I find out more about the cemeteries and/or arrange for a burial?
A. If your burial plot is at Christ Church please contact Roy Daley at 613-839-2087. If it is at St. James please contact Charlene Johnson at 613-470-0142. If you already have a burial plot and are currently arranging for the burial of a loved one it is quite typical for your Funeral Home (i.e. Tubmans or Cole’s) to make the initial call to the Cemetery representatives listed above. If however you are looking to purchase a burial plot for future use please call Roy or Charlene.

Q. Are the ashes really ‘scattered’ in the Scattering Garden?
A. Yes and No ~ there is a small hole put in the garden that the ashes are to be placed in (without anything else such as the bag, etc.).  As the ash makes its way to the top of the hole the ash will scatter and be combined with the dirt. This is not a job that everyone would feel comfortable doing and as such you might feel most comfortable having the Rector help you with placing the ashes in the garden.

Q. How do I purchase/arrange for burial in the columbarium or the scattering garden?
A. To purchase a burial space in the columbarium please contact Tubman Funeral Homes at 613-722-6559. To purchase a space in the Scattering Garden please contact Charlene Johnston at 613-470-0142.

Q. How do I arrange for a service in the church or at one of the burial locations?
A. At the time of death or burial you can contact the Rector to discuss a service time and details. The Rector can be reached by calling the Parish Office at 613-839-3195. It is best to not confirm a service time and date with family and/or the funeral home until you’ve spoken with the Priest. Please note that the Rector of the parish is the only clergy permitted to do burials in any of our sacred spaces. However if you seek to have another clergy person to lead a graveside service you can discuss that with the Rector. Church services are only lead by the Parish Priest but at times other clergy can be invited to do one of the readings and/or participate in other ways.

Q. Can visitation be done in the church prior to a service?
A. Yes this can be discussed. It is best to have a conversation with the Rector to consider space, temperature, convenience and whether this is the right choice for your family. However please note that visitation in the church prior to a service is a most welcome discussion.

Q. Can I visit the cemeteries?
A. Yes you may, weather dependant. If you are at St. James please ensure that you close the gate behind you when you leave. The cemeteries are not plowed in the winter and thus are closed. In the spring season please be careful of the wet ground (particularily at St. James).

Q. What if I am looking for genealogy information?
A. If you are looking for family history please call the office 613-839-3195. Depending on various factors (i.e. how much information you have, what the date of death was, etc.) the office may direct you to the Diocesan archives to search for historical information.

Q. What are the ‘rules’ of the cemeteries?
A. Please check out the rules and bylaws for the St. James Cemetery: StJamescemeterybylaw. The Christ Church rules and bylaws are found here:  BYLAWSChristChurchCemetery BK. 

Q. What are the cemetery costs at St. James?
A. The costs (subject to change without notice) are:
Interment Right (Single Grave, Parishioners only) $ 800.00
Scattering Right                                                      $ 375.00
Charges at the time of Inurnment/Interment
Opening/Closing of grave (traditional casket burial) $ 1,050.00
Opening/Closing of grave for inurnment $400.00
Vault Rental (non-parishioner) $200.00

Q. What are the cemetery costs at Christ Church?
A. The costs (subject to change without notice) are:
Cost of Single Lot                  $800.00 (includes $320.00 Care & Maintenance)
Grave Opening/Closing         $750.00 (includes a Measurement Fee of  $75.00)
Marker or Monument              $75.00
Measurement Fee plus $0.00 to $200.00 Care & Maintenance
(depending on size, see p. 2 of Bylaws Bk. Jan. 1, 2014)
Ashes Grave Opening/Closing      $325.00  (includes $75.00 Measurement Fee)
Vault Rental (non-parishioners)     $200.00
Issuance of Duplicate Interment Rights Certificate             $10.00

Q. Can you use a grave liner at either cemetery?
A. No, neither cemetery permits the use of grave liners. Graves will be dug to accommodate a standard casket with no additional liner.

Q. Do you hold Memorial Services each year?
A. Yes. We typically hold an annual cemetery service for each of our cemeteries in June. We also hold an Annual All Souls Vigil to remember those who have died. Please check out the calendar on this website to find out the dates of these services or call the office at 613-839-3195.

Q. What if I have additional questions?
A. Give us a call at the parish office at 613-839-3195. For St. James please contact Charlene (St. James) at 613-470-0142.
For Christ Church please contact Roy Daley at 613-839-2087 or Suzanne Thompson at 613-839-5203.