Information for Greeters

Thank you for volunteering for this important church ministry as you are the first contact for visitors, new members and fellow parishioners of our congregation on Sundays.

Arrive 20 minutes prior to the service so that you can check who is doing the readings/ intercessions (ask someone in the congregation to substitute should the person not arrive); turn lights, fan and heat on; and most importantly, greet members of the congregation as they come together to worship. You could also remind people to wear their name tags if available.

Make visitors and new members feel comfortable in a friendly atmosphere; answer any questions they may have; and give them the Parish binder to borrow so that they can learn more information about the Parish of Huntley.

Ring the steeple bell 5 minutes prior to service!

Keep and eye and ear open – is there something that needs attention, sickness or someone needs help, please go to their assistance. If Rev. Stone asks for something to be done, offer help.

Take up collection during the offertory hymn.

Take attendance numbers after communion when the Sunday school kids have joined us. On the Sundays when we have Morning Prayer service, the children will not be coming into church, so it will be just a matter of asking the Sunday school teachers for numbers. The attendance count is to be recorded in the book in Rev. Stone’s office with the date.

Make sure sign outside the church has the appropriate service time marked.

Please tidy up pews after the service, putting papers in recycling bin and books in order.