Check us Out!

Starting Sunday, April 6th the Parish will hold a monthly 4pm Service at St. John’s Anglican (1470 Donald B. Munro). All are invited to join us at this new ministry that takes place on the first Sunday of each Month (Sunday April 6th is the first service!) It is a Casual Family Service that is a perfect opportunity for families who are unable to make Sunday morning  services and/or wish to start attending church on a monthly basis.

If you have been wanting to try church out this is a service for you!

Newcomers are invited to show up just before 4pm… but if you want show up at 3:30pm for a quick intro to what the service will include (just in case you are uncomfortable or you have some questions!) that is great too! The 3:30 group will also be invited to take part in the service by leading the prayers or doing a reading (but you don’t have to!)

St. John’s is a lovely little church built 127 years ago! It is a place that is filled with a spirit of welcome and country charm… however we do fully embrace our heritage… so we only have a lovely little outhouse in the back! The service will not be longer than 45 minutes but if you do not want to use the outhouse; go before you arrive!

See you then!

Pastor Monique