Our Journey into the Future

 Dear Parishioners;

On October 30th the Parish Council invited parishioners to a special meeting of Council to help them with decision making on the future of ministry in our Parish in the short term and plans for the longer-term.

Over 40 people attended this meeting and participated fully in the conversation. There was honesty, authenticity, excitement, fears, some sadness and concerns.

Regardless of what comments were offered it was clear that people spoke from a place of love for this Parish, its community members, our larger Carp area and our history.

The conversation resulted in the Parish Council and the additional participants adopting the following motions:

  1. In the Spring of 2015 the Parish has committed to embarking on creating a five-year plan for the parish with the assistance of an external person/group from the diocese office. We will be committed to working with our parishioners to determine and consider what our ministry can look like in the Carp area and to think outside the box on how we will minister together.
  1. The Parish has committed to an in-depth stewardship campaign that will be launched in 2015 that will encourage more financial support towards the ministry of the parish on a regular basis.
  1. From January 1st through to mid-March 2015 the parish will provide two Sunday worship services at St. James Anglican and involve all members (of all three churches) in the service roles and responsibilities (i.e. lay administration, serving, reading, altar guild, Sunday School, Greeting and Hospitality). During this period Christ Church and St. Johns will be available for funerals when required and will not open for regular Sunday services during that time. Parishioners of all three communities will be invited to join together on Sundays at 9am or 10:30am. After mid-March we will resume a three service schedule (including the need for a second priest) with the exception of more combined services throughout the year (about 4 in total) for high feasts, the summer rotation as it has been historically, and the first Sunday of the month including a 4pm service at St. Johns.


Below you will find our 2015 liturgical schedule. We will provide information on the Spring planning sessions and stewardship plan as they come available.

In the meantime all parishioners from each of the three Parish communities are encouraged to support this opportunity to strengthen and sustain our ministry in the Carp area. Our parish continues to be a blessing to many individuals who walk with us in our Christian journey and to the broader Carp community as a whole. The future of our parish is completely dependent on the efforts of our members who gather, worship, and minister together as disciples for Christ in this community at this time in history.

I am humbled and honoured to be working with such a blessed and committed group of people who are willing to take risks and support each other as we continue our journey as the Anglican Parish of Huntley.


Pastor Monique

P.P.S. Please do not hesitate to talk to your Wardens or myself if you have any questions. (613-839-3195 or www.huntleyparish.com)

2015 Sunday Schedule for The Parish of Huntley

  9am &/or 11am 10:30
04-Jan St. James (9am) St. James
11-Jan St. James (9am) St. James
18-Jan St. James (9am) St. James
25-Jan St. James (9am) St. James
01-Feb St. James (9am) St. James
08-Feb Confirmation – St. James at 10am
15-Feb St. James (9am) St. James
22-Feb One service – Vestry St. James
01-Mar St. James (9am) St. James
08-Mar St. James (9am) St. James
15-Mar CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) – No Service at St. James
22-Mar CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
29-Mar Palm Sunday One Service  CC
05-Apr Three Services – Easter  All
12-Apr CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
19-Apr CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
26-Apr CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
03-May CC (9am)/St. Johns (4pm) St. James
10-May CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
17-May CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
24-May Pentecost – One Service St. James
31-May CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
07-Jun CC (9am)/St. Johns (4pm) St. James
14-Jun CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
21-Jun CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
28-Jun CC ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
05-Jul St. James ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
12-Jul St. Johns ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
19-Jul CC ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
26-Jul St. James ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
02-Aug St. Johns ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
09-Aug CC ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
16-Aug St. James ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
23-Aug St. Johns ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
30-Aug CC ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
06-Sep St. James ~ 9:30 Summer – 1
13-Sep CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
20-Sep One Service – Carp Fair St. Johns
27-Sep CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
04-Oct CC (9am)/St. Johns (4pm) St. James
11-Oct CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
18-Oct CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
25-Oct CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
01-Nov CC (9am)/St. Johns (7pm ~ All Souls Vigil) St. James
08-Nov CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
15-Nov CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
22-Nov CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
29-Nov CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
06-Dec One Service – Pageant St. James
13-Dec CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
20-Dec CC (9am)/St. Johns (11am) St. James
24-Dec Three Services
25-Dec One Service  St. James
27-Dec One Service  St. Johns


The following services will also be part of the annual schedule:

Wednesdays @ 10am at St. James (no services during the summer)

Cemetery Services at Christ Church & St. James

Ash Wednesday Drop-In and Traditional Liturgy @ St. James

Holy Week Services: Maundy Thursday @ St. John’s; Good Friday @ Christ Church; Easter Vigil @ St. James

In total there are 116 Sunday/Christmas Eucharist Services offered at the Parish, 39 mid-week services of Eucharist and approximately six additional Holy Week and/or Celebration liturgies (161 services in total). Note: funerals, weddings, and other services are not included in total