As a church community we find food (bread, wine and yes… the odd egg salad sandwich!) central to our understanding of our ministry and lives as Christ’s disciples. We are always growing our faith through food… it is who we are!

As such it was a natural for our parish to be the key instigator in the development of the local Food Bank so many years ago and for many of our community members to continue to be involved.

For 2015 it is our hope that the community garden hosted on our property continues to be a growing aspect of life in the Carp community. It is a garden that is available to all and it is built on the strength and support of diverse people throughout our broader community. It is not a ministry just for our parish members ~ it is a ministry that’s fruition has since it’s inception involved all kinds of people of various traditions and faith understandings. For more information on some new and exciting news about our garden please click HERE

In addition to the Neighbourhood Tomato the Anglican Parish Hall continues to be a pick-up location for the Ottawa Good Food Box; a monthly fresh food buying co-operative that helps families and individuals access local produce at a reduced price (see HERE for more information). You can purchase a box on their website and pick it up at the Parish Hall once a month. Veggie boxes range from 10.00 for a small box to 25.00 to an organic box for a larger family.

If you would like to participate in the various ways that our church is supporting food access and food justice in our community please connect with me directly at