Below please find the many links I provided in the E-News throughout Lent…

Here is a wonderful video (yes it is a commercial at the end and is in a different language but it is lovely): Check it out HERE

Another wonderful video… HERE

This quote… by author Barbara Ehrenreich
“Jesus’s teachings are so radical, they’re just insanely generous and apocalyptic. Christians become more fascinated by the dead Jesus. They don’t like the living Jesus.”…. interesting to reflect on who we are more comfortable with; the dead Jesus or the living Jesus????

But by far my favourite thing this week has been this wonderful letter from a mom to her son about why he has to go to church… this is going to be read at baptisms for the next while so you will hear it again! I encourage all parents, especially parents who are concerned about the noise that their kids make, to read THIS  

If you are ready to embark I might suggest you start HERE. It’s a little short video created by Busted Halo. It focuses a bit on Ash Wednesday but you can join in to Lent right now and consider coming to Ash Wednesday next year.

For those of you who are observing the idea found in the document regarding the Tim Horton’s cards; please place the cards in the offering plate on Sunday or drop them off at the parish office. Cathy has started to collect the cards and I will happily drive them to St. Luke’s Table during Holy Week.

As promised I have posted a couple of homilies on the website.

More ~ A homily for the first Sunday in Lent
Less ~ A homily for the second Sunday in Lent
The Backlash of Breaking the Rules  (Lent 4)

For those who are interested in the World Vision fiasco that I preached on yesterday I invite you to go to Patheos. On the right hand side of their site you should see a list of articles that you might find interesting. I also point you to a woman I read. Her name is Rachel Held Evans and I admire her writing and her comments on this issue that are found HERE

I also spent time reflecting and praying for the final Truth and Reconciliation Gathering that happened in Edmonton this week. I encourage you to consider looking at some of the articles/videos from the event. They are found HERE

I shared Kid President with the congregation at St. James. This four year old is an inspiration to us all. Click HERE for the video I shared.

There is an online Lent Calendar (kinda like an Advent Calendar) done by Busted Halo. It has short statements from people like Mary J. Blige, Winston Churchill, and Homer Simpson! Click HERE

I offer you this most beautiful short (9 minute) documentary about a 96 year old man who wrote a song for his wife. Keep Kleenex beside you when you WATCH!
This is a wonderful article from a blogger (his blog is about Beer!) who is suggests Lent is a practice all people, regardless of whether they follow Christianity: HERE

This is a post written by a mother about her families journey as recipients of Food Stamps. I found it beautiful: HERE

My favourite magazine; GEEZ has a Lent for Skeptics site. The postings are great but I warn you now about the profanity and the non-traditional approach and opinion about religion: HERE

An amazing Ash Wednesday homily from fellow Anglican Church of Canada priest Dean Peter Elliot is found HERE

For a special Lent Idea sheet for the Parish of Huntley along with links to lists from two of my own favourite priests please see a new blog post on our website HERE

A lovely poem on baptism is HERE

For a special reflection from my friend Jerusalem Greer who has an amazing blog and book on teaching liturgical tradition at home and has a great post on teaching Lent to children see HERE

For additional information on Lent please consider reading these short articles at The Anglican Journal: HERE