On Advent One (that is this Sunday, November 29th) we will be worshipping together as a parish at St. James (10:30am) and launching in to Advent. There will be family activities after church that day, including the launch of our new Advent Video for our website, Advent materials for you to take home and an Advent Candle craft for families to use throughout the season. The photo of the Advent Candles above are the reason we need the cans! Each family needs five soup cans to complete the candle. Please continue to bring them to the church and the Parish Hall.

Advent is a very very important season for Christians. I do hope that as many people as possible will consider coming to church on Sunday, November 29th so that we may begin the season with prayer and reflection as a community.

And of course we will eat together that day… so if you are able to bring a light lunch snack to share that would be awesome too!