Anglican Parish of Huntley ~ Lent 2017
Each week during the season of Lent the church service will include an instructional component. All parishioners will worship together and the children will have some additional hands on activities to participate in during the service but will not leave for Sunday School. Adults and parishioners of all ages will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss each weekly theme following the service and during coffee hour.


Baptism – For All Ages
Anyone, of any age, seeking baptism is invited to participate in Church 101 and conclude the Lenten Season with the sacrament of baptism. Baptism is offered at the Easter Vigil (Saturday, April 15th at 7:30pm @ St. James). Please contact the Rev. Monique at for more information on being baptized.

You are encouraged to attend all five weeks of Lent but if you are not able to come each week please come when you can!

Week One ~ March 5th (First Sunday of Lent), Service Time(s): 10:30am @ St. James
Church: Gathering in Community
What does it mean to gather as a community? Why do we do it?
What does an Anglican church service include?
Readings: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7  •  Psalm 32 •  Matthew 4:1-11

Week Two ~ March 12th (Second Sunday of Lent)
Church: Praying in Community
Service Time(s): 9am @ Christ Church and 10:30am @ St. James
How do we pray in the Sunday service?
What are the various ‘prayers’ in a service?
What are the ‘Prayers of the People’?
Readings: Genesis 12:1-4a  •  Psalm 121  •  John 3:1-17

Week Three ~ March 19th (Third Sunday of Lent)
Church: Sacraments in Community
Service Time(s): 9am and 10:30am @ St. James
What are the sacraments? What is baptism? What is confirmation and do we need it?
Readings: Exodus 17:1-7  •  Psalm 95  •  John 4:5-42

Week Four ~ March 26th (Fourth Sunday of Lent)
Church: Eucharist in Community
Service Time(s): 9am @ Christ Church and 10:30am @ St. James
What is the Eucharist? (Instructional Eucharist)
Readings: Isaiah 7:10-14  • Psalm 40:5-10 •  Luke 1:26-38

Week Five ~ April 2nd (Fifth Sunday of Lent)
Church: Mission in Community
Service Time(s): 9am and 10:30am @ St. James
What does the church do in the world?
How do we help?
What are we called to do?
Readings: Isaiah 7:10-14  • Psalm 40:5-10 •  Luke 1:26-38

Other Activities that happen during the season…

Shrove Tuesday Community Pancake Supper (Tuesday, February 28th at the Parish Hall, 5-7pm)

Ashes-to-Go Ash Wednesday Drop In (Wednesday, March 1st at St. James, 4pm – 7pm)

Ash Wednesday Service (Wednesday, March 1st at St. James, 7pm)

Slow Down in the Sanctuary (an opportunity for continued conversation during the week)
Thursdays during Lent, 7pm – 9pm @ St. James

Activities that happen after Lent… Holy Week and Easter
Palm Sunday (April 9th, 10:30 @ St. James)
Holy Wednesday (April 12th, 10am @ St. James)
Maundy Thursday (April 13th, 7pm @ St. Johns)
Good Friday (April 14th, 10am @ Christ Church, Stations of the Cross @ 1pm at St. James)
Easter Vigil (April 15th, 7:30pm @ St. James)
Easter Sunday (April 16th, 9am @ Christ Church, 9am @ St. Johns, 10:30am @ St. James)