These past three days I have been at the Marguerite Center in Pembrooke at a Preaching Studio. With thanks to the Diocesan GIFT campaigns financial dedication to clergy development eleven of the more newly ordained priests were invited to spend an intense three days on scripture, reading scripture, presenting, breathing and speaking, and preaching. It was a unique transformative opportunity and has resulted in our group committing to get together as clergy to support and critique our homily development (this is not an every day occurrence in church-land and our leader; The Reverend Ruthanna Hooke from Virginia Theological Seminary was impressed by our collegiality!) It was a pretty amazing opportunity and I am giving thanks for it all!

One of the things that we were asked to do over and over and over again was to ask ourselves how does the scripture and our worship change the lives of us and of our communities.

And it had me reflecting on how our community changes lives ~ our own lives and those around us.

The question I am bringing forward into this fall season is a question of how our activities seek to change lives? How does everything we do enable Jesus to live more fully in us and allow the kingdom of God to break open in to the world around us.

These are big questions and yet I think we need to ask all the time of ourselves and of our community activities. 

In the coming weeks there is an invitation to each of us to commit to the mission in this community. To consider different ways we are being asked to grow and transform and learn and follow. To support; through our time, talent and treasure; the work of worship, formation, outreach, mission, and community building.

It is life changing stuff we do. It is life changing stuff we should always be seeking to do. It is life changing stuff for us individually and as a community of disciples.

It is an exciting journey that I look forward to sharing with you all.

Here are just some of the ways you can journey with this parish….

  • Help with the Daily Bread Community Garden
  • Participate in the CarpConnect Community Conversation on October 18th
  • Help with our Children & Youth Formation on Sunday’s and other days
  • Join our Pastoral Team and visit an elder once a month
  • Lead one of our Family Ministry activities (like our successful Pumpkin Carving Night!)
  • Help with our monthly Business Soup luncheon
  • Join in at a Worship service on Sunday or Wednesday at least once a month
  • Offer to help with a coffee hour
  • Support with your time, talent & treasure! Consider taking on a role as Treasurer or Cemetery Committee Member

There are simply so many ways to be involved in your faith community! Don’t hesitate to get involved or to talk to me about how you might want to strengthen your journey:


Pastor Monique