I have had an amazing opportunity over the past month to participate in three different events that focused on preaching and strengthening church communities through scripture.


One of the key learnings that has emerged for me personally is the many benefits that can occur from weekly opportunities to tackle the upcoming scripture with others from our community.

Would you be willing to help your Priest and work together on our upcoming weekly scripture?

This does not mean you will learn from me at these gatherings… it will mean that we will learn from each other about what the text seems to be saying to us in our community. It will not be full of expert discussion rather just opportunities to grapple with what we think we might be hearing in the text (there will be no stupid questions… or answers!) and help to provide some inspiration for the upcoming weeks homily.

I would like to get this going in the coming months and realize that not everyone can meet at any particular time. So to start off I invite you to attend one of the following sessions this month (you can attend more than one if you like):

Wednesday, October 15th at 11:00 – Noon (this will follow the 10am Eucharist at St. James)

Tuesday, October 21st from 5pm – 6:30pm at Christ Church

Wednesday, October 29th from 7pm – 8:30pm

During these first three sessions we will talk about format and whether people would want to meet at a similar time the following month (or would just like to drop in as they wish at any of the four times that will be offered each month).

I would very much like to have one additional session that could be filled with some of our junior and senior youth… if this is a possibility and/or interest let me know and we can determine a time.

Please email me at huntleypriest@bellnet.ca or call the office if you are interested in participating.

Pastor Monique