Hi Everyone!

Anyone on our Parish Mailing List should have received the annual Advent Letter. If you have not received it and want to make sure you are on the mailing list for next time please call Cathy at the office (613-839-3195).

Here it is here:

Dear Anglican Parish of Huntley Friends,

This week as I prepared to sit down and write this letter I wondered if the weather would ever start to feel seasonal but alas the snow has come! As we begin the season of Advent we are invited to take time to reflect on the year that has past us. We leave behind our 175th Anniversary activities, the 150th Anniversary of the Carp Fair, wonderful mission accomplishments, parish suppers, euchre nights, worship services, family activities, learning opportunities, transformations in our individuals lives, the implementation of many of our GIFT funded activities; and much more. Once again we can be thankful that our parish worshipped and served well ~ guided by the mission of Christ.

Now we turn our minds to looking forward into the next year that is in front of us. In our tradition we do so by first taking time to prepare ourselves through the four weeks of Advent; a season within which are called to intentionally take time to pray and prepare to celebrate God’s entry into the world through the life of Jesus. Each year at this time we are called once again to be inspired by God’s incarnation in our own lives. It is an opportunity for us individually and as a community to renew and refocus our journey; following the mission of Christ and living out our discipleship in the months and year ahead.

Within this website please find our Advent and Christmas schedule along with copies of our weekly E-News. There are so many ways for you to be involved in the various worship opportunities, events and mission activities ~ please join us.

Blessings to you during this season ~ may we all open ourselves to the power of God who seeks to live in us and guide our journey in new and exciting ways.

The Reverend Monique Stone