Sunday, 31st May, is the Feast of Pentecost. This is the birthday of the church. The disciples were swarmed with tongues of fire and the rush of a roaring wind. The very breath of God entered their hearts. They were empowered with the spirit of truth and went out into the whole world to tell the Good News of what God had done.

This was the very birth day of the church. The gospel, the good news about Jesus Christ and HIs saving power began to spread. It began in the Middle East in what is now the country of Israel and it moved into other regions of the Middle East and then further into Asia and Africa and Europe. Believers shared the Good News with one another and the influence of the gospel continued to grow.

It was passed from one generation to another in families and those of us who are Christians today are the benefactors and the inheritors of a spirt-filled faith. The Christian message has been challenged by circumstances and by sometimes stringent human opposition but the believers have persevered.

Today we find ourselves in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. We know that the Christian message of hope and love is one that is needed desperately in this world. Most of us do not have the ability to meet in person but we are not discouraged or defeated. We are finding new ways to be the church and we are longing for the days to come when we can all break bread together again. In the meantime visit our electronic newsletter where there are weekly scriptures. prayers, reflections and a video message.