Hunger Games Info

Hi Everyone! Thank you for your interest in the Hunger Games Liturgy that our parish hosted in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. The liturgy (and its supporting youth program) was something that I had in the works since the moment I read the books. The connections (and juxtapositions) between the books and the Christian story encouraged me to consider using the books as a starting point for a conversation with youth.  For a little bit about the evening you can read the following article:

As a community we hosted a six week study prior to the event. People have asked for the details of each evening but I can only provide you with an overview of the topics. I have attached a document in the Mailchimp link below. Basically each night was different. When we watched the movie I had six tables set up with large poster boards and markers on them so that at the end of the evening the participants could go around the tables and mark something down or draw (we called them Graffiti boards) that stood out to them. The questions were as follows: 1) What character stands out for you and why?, 2) What do you see you in the movie that reminds you of our society, 3) What do you see in the movie that is different from our society, 4) What are signs of privilege or poverty in the movie?, 5) What connections do you see to the Christian story?, 6) Where do you see conflict with the Christian story?

On the first night we did a big table matching game as a ice breaker… the document is in the link below. Basically we spread out a bunch of sheets of paper and in each one there was a scripture match/contrast with a Hunger Games character and/or topic. After we matched them all we had a great conversation.

Of course one night we made bread!

The Eucharist

Two key unique aspects of the Eucharist was that we invited twelve communities to bring 12 different loaves of bread to create the communal Eucharist bread. The second was the location. The location, as you can imagine, made it a very unique situation and the power of the location made a big difference that may have to be considered by anyone thinking of doing a Eucharist themselves.

I hope this helps! Blessings!


Files and liturgy are HERE