Hunger Games Eucharist – Pre Event Info

Hi Everyone!

We are looking forward to seeing you (and your group if you are coming with one) at the Hunger Games Eucharist on November 17th. Many of you have asked about some pre-event materials to share with your youth group. You have also been asking about our Eucharist Bread and whether you would like to bring bread for the Eucharist. Please see info below about both these frequently asked questions…. along with other pertinent information.


Pre-Event Material

At the Parish of Huntley we have been meeting weekly to talk about the comparisons and contrasts between the Hunger Games Liturgy and our Christian Journey. We are not suggesting the Hunger Games is exactly like the story of Christianity but we are using the book to begin a discussion. There are many many articles and thoughts found through Google if you just put ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Christianity’ in the search engine. However there are two documents that I have found particularly useful (and short). The first is a document created by two pastors in the U.S.; Ann Green Langford Duncan and Andy Langford. The short document can be downloaded off Amazon for 96 cents. Please find it here: An article about this paper is found on The Huffington Post at:

One of the short activities that we did in the study was a matching game that I created. Basically this matching game is 56 pages of 8 1/2 x 11 paper (26 matches) that we spread out on several tables. The task was to find the pairs; some easier than others. I have attached the matching game here if you would like to use it. Click HERE

Eucharist Bread

During the Eucharist Service we will require 12 small loaves/buns of bread that will be brought to the Eucharist Table as the table is being set. This bread will be used for the Eucharist.We are asking for 12 groups (small or large) to offer to bring this bread. It can be bread that is bought or made but it should be plain bread. If you would like to be one of the District Bread Providers please email Pastor Monique directly at For those who provide bread please note that you will be asked to check in at the front entrance of the Diefenbunker (at the registration table) at about 6:15pm. When you check-in you will be given a cloth carrying bag for your bread and you will be asked to bring it to the Eucharist Table at a specific time in the service. It is important that you do this part as the cloth carrying bags (all 12 of them) will be transformed into the Altar Cloth for the service.

Other Stuff to Know:

  • Please arrive at the Diefenbunker between 6pm and 6:40. Any waiting list attendees will be admitted at 6:45pm
  • The service will require some walking ~ we will begin in the entrance tunnel of the Diefenbunker and will walk down four flights of stairs
  • The Bank Vault is a tight space; we invite you to stand or sit on the floor (feel free to bring a jacket that you will likely need while we are in the tunnel but might want to remove and sit on when we are four stories underground where it is warmer)
  • The service will end by about 8:15 with a hospitality time immediately following for those who can stay
  • There will be a free will offering accepted during the Service to raise funds for (a youth initiative of the Primates World Relief and Development Fund of the Anglican Church of Canada)
  • When you check-in at the Eucharist you will be offered tickets to join us at Catching Fire on Friday, November 22nd at the AMC Theatre in Kanata (approximately 7pm start time). These tickets are given to you at a Pay-What-You-Can offering that will also be given to ~ we hope you can join us!
  • If you have any other questions please email Pastor Monique at