Background ~ Sharing Wisdom Across the Ages

Background Information on the Program:

Goal: The purpose of this program is to enable cross-generational relationships to be built amidst diverse community members through the leadership of seniors in partnership with supporting individuals and organizations in Carp, Ontario. This goal will be achieved through a one-year program of six activities that will harness the expertise and wisdom of our rural community elders who will provide knowledge and expertise in various activities that are structured in a manner that will create lasting cross-generational relationship and enable increased community connection.

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  • To conduct six events that will center on existing knowledge and wisdom that is held by the seniors’ population in our community and addresses needs of the larger rural community of Carp.
  • To provide an organizational structure that will ensure that the creation and implementation of these events is led by our senior population with the support of other individuals and organizations
  • To ensure all activities aim to develop long-lasting relationship amongst all participants, across generations
  • To measure and evaluate activities on an ongoing basis to ensure that adaptation of remaining programs can take effect within the project period and so that future activities can be considered, modified and implemented.

St. James Anglican Church in Carp, Ontario will facilitate, with the leadership of the project Working Group, the development and implementation of the following six activities:

Cooking the Basics
This hands-on cooking class will demonstrate key recipes that young families can cook quickly, economically and with locally sourced products.

The aim will be for our elder leaders to demonstrate to families that cooking simple home cooked recipes is possible for even the busiest families. Simple recipes that would have been considered staple meals in our senior’s homes when they were raising their families will be demonstrated.

The History of Carp Story-Telling and Bus Tour
This unique bus tour will be led by our best Carp storytellers ~ the seniors who have grown up in this community that was established by their ancestors!

A bus tour will highlight several historical stories (including the Great Fire that dramatically changed the location of Carps village centre; the Diefenbunker, and the Ecology of the Carp Ridge). This tour, followed by a fellowship lunch will enable younger families who may be new to the Carp area to have a greater appreciation for the historical rural village within which they now reside. At the same time it will enable historical residents to develop relationships with newcomers into the area bridging the new residents with the founding families of this rural community.

Knitting – It’s Cool Again! (2 Sessions)
Knitting is experiencing a resurgence of popularity amongst young teens and adults. Many seniors throughout the Carp area hold the skills of knitting and there are people of younger generations seeking to reclaim this craft.

This two part workshop will include an initial training of the basics and will be followed up eight weeks later for participants to demonstrate their knitting project success to their Knitting Mentors who helped them get started!

Carp – Founded on Farming
A morning open house at the Anglican Parish Hall (held during the same hours of the Carp Fair ‘Ag Awareness Day’) will highlight the business of agricultural and the importance of local food production. The organizing team will seek the wisdom of farmers, 4-H leaders and trainers who can promote and teach young people about farming and local food production.

Continuing our New Relationships and Sharing Wisdom in the Future
At the conclusion of the five events a two-hour focus group with attendees, wisdom sharers, leaders, and organizers will provide an opportunity to develop ways in which the impact of the project can continue in the future. Ideas for strengthening intergenerational relationships will be gathered and opportunities to further combat senior’s isolation in grassroots and community-led ways will be considered. The aim will be to develop an ongoing intergenerational group that will lead the way for future activities and opportunities beyond the scope of the initial program.

For more information please contact the Project Coordinator, Heidi Wieler, at or 613-325-2572

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