Vanderbilt Divinity Library has put together interesting slideshows for each week of readings. Each slide show has a variety of artistic depictions of the weekly readings and highlights some of the key texts. I have enjoyed looking through them and think you might enjoy them as well. You can find the list of weekly readings and corresponding slideshows HERE

An Interesting Story about a synagogue
That is doing amazing sustainability stuff
Check it out HERE

Social Justice is a Christian Tradition: Not a Liberal Agenda
An article

The Right way to Do Church?????
Love this article!


Another Article: What does a healthy small church look like?
How do you see our parish reflected in this list? What could we work on?

Video: Beyond the Shadows ~ Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Community Ministries
This video highlights the ministries that we provide financial (and non-financial support for). How much do you know about these organizations that are part of our broader church? Is there a way that we should learn more?

Article: There is one sure way to save our ailing churches – give them away
Reflection Question: What would it mean to ask our community how our churches could be used by the community? What would it mean for us to give away our church as is discussed in this article? Hmmmm…

Video: Many of us in this community are called to offer support to others who are experiencing life challenges (themselves and/or a loved one). This is indeed our ministry as a community. Often we don’t know what to say and sometimes we start to say things that aren’t that helpful. Here is a video by an amazing leader, Brene Brown on the difference between Empathy and Sympathy. It’s worth the watch and the reflections. Find it HERE. (Note: skip the ad Youtube puts before the video. It’s strange)

Photo & Statement: 

Question: Is the Eucharist a moment of intimacy with God for you?