Q. What is the difference between baptism and christening?
A. Nothing. These are two different terms for the same thing. The Anglican church prefers to use the term baptism which is the language used in the Bible and throughout Christian history for this rite.
Q. Do I need to be a member of the Anglican Parish of Huntley or live in Carp in order to have my child baptised at one of the three parish churches?
A. No. The Parish is pleased to accept requests from anyone desiring to arrange for a baptism in our church.
Q. When can I schedule the baptism for?
A. Typically a baptism for a young child is scheduled 2 – 3 months in advance. For adult baptismal candidates 3 – 4 months is desirable to allow time for formation meetings.
Q. How do I go about requesting a baptism?
A. Call the Rector at the parish office (613-839-3195) or email An initial meeting will be scheduled and at that meeting you will be able to discuss a potential date for baptism in the months ahead and schedule approximately 2 subsequent formation meetings (at least one of which will included the godparents as participants).
Q. Do I or my partner need to be baptised?
A. Yes. One of the parents presenting a child for baptism must themselves be baptised. If neither of you are, however, please speak to the Rector about this.
Q. Do I or my partner need to be baptised Anglican?
A. No. Baptism is into the Christian faith, not a particular church or denomination. The Anglican church accepts and recognizes all Christian baptism.
Q. How old is too old for baptism?
A. There is no age limit on Holy Baptism and it is never too late to arrange a baptism. Where the candidate is able to make the vows and promises necessary for themselves, the service will be one of adult baptism. For further details regarding this please contact the Rector.
Q. How young is too young for baptism?
A. There is no age limit on Holy Baptism. However we encourage you to take your time and consider the commitment you are making on behalf of your child. We know that parenting a newborn is exhausting and stressful; do not rush baptism. God created your child and already loves your child, you can wait until you have slept through the night a few times!
Q. Can I have a ‘private baptism’?
A. No. Baptism occurs within the context of the Christian community and thus cannot be perfromed privately. In an emergency, such as the imminent death of a person who wishes to be baptised, baptism can be performed within the context of this siutaion, such as a hospital.
Q. What if we want a time other than Sunday?
A. All baptisms at the parish are celebrated on Sundays during a regularly scheduled Sunday service.
Q. How long will the service be?
A. The service is usually about 1 hour and 15 minutes. In addition to the baptism, the service will include hymns, readings from the Bible, a sermon, and Holy Communion.
Q. Does my child have to wear white, or other special clothing?
A. No. Many families dress the child to be baptised in a white gown, but the clothing worn is entirely at the discretion of the family bringing the child for baptism.
Q. Do I need to bring a candle?
A. No. The church will supply a candle to be lit during the baptism, however some families like to provide their own candle, and that is fine.
Q. Who are the sponsors?
A. At the baptism of a child the parent or parents of the child together with the godparents are collectively the sponsors. Together, the sponsors present the child for baptism and make the necessary vows and promises at the service. At an adult baptism there are no godparents but there may be one or more sponsors supporting the candidate.
Q. How many godparents should I have?
A. This is up to you. Traditionally there are two godparents. We encourage no more than three godparents.
Q. Do I have to have godparents?
A. No. The parent or parents will act as sponsors and assume this role. If the parents are acting as sponsors atleast one of them must be baptised.
Q. Do the godparents have to be Anglicans?
A. No, but they should be Christian.
Q. Do the godparents have to be baptised?
A. It is preferable that they are and it is important that at least one be. The godparents role is to support the candidate in his or her faith, attend church with the candidate, and offer regular prayer for them, so it logically follows they ought to be themselves practicing Christians. The godparents may be baptised in any Christian denomination. If, however, parents especially want to invite a person who is not baptised to be a godparent, please speak to the Rector about this.
Q. Is there a fee for baptism at the parish?
A. No. As baptism is a sacrament of the church, no fee is applied for its celebration. Most families do, however, make a donation to the church. This can be left in the offering plate on the day of the baptism, Donations in thanksgiving for Holy Baptism, of any size, are gratefully received. A suggested donation is $200.00. If you would like to give a more substantial donation to the life of the church in thanksgiving for the baptism, please talk to the Rector.