St. John’s Church

St. John’s is located at 1470 Donald B Munro Drive

Early History of St. John’s Church, Parish of Huntley 

In 1885, John and Susan Mooney Reid donated a portion of land from their property for the construction of St John’s.  The first service was held in 1886 and it was formally consecrated in December 1888.

St John’s is a beautiful small brick church with a steep pitched roof, graced with beautiful large stain glass windows that draw colour into the building. The ambiance is of quiet peacefulness. The same silver communion vessels have been in use from the first service, reflecting the continuity and companionship of their membership. St John’s has been blessed with a close knit and supportive congregation that continues to work and gather together in support of the church as well as the lives of its members.

The church (officially made a chapel in 2017) is home to some of the most beautiful stained glass windows to be seen in the entire capital region.