As Anglicans, we follow our roots as far back as the 3rd century, to the first Christians in what is now the United Kingdom. The Church grew and flourished there, eventually breaking its obedience to the Roman Pontiff, and continuing as the Church of England. With influences from the European reformers of the 16th Century and the Orthodox and Roman Church, Anglicans took a middle way – allowing for a breadth of liturgical and theological interpretation and discipline, sharing a common pattern of prayer, never straying from the one holy catholic and apostolic Church.

Our Parish is part of the Diocese of Ottawa with its See City being the National Capital of Canada, straddles the Ottawa River and includes the eastern counties of Ontario and the western counties of Quebec. The Diocese includes a mix of large urban and small rural farming and forestry communities, spanning 180km from Christ Church in Maniwaki, Que to the north to St. Albans in Maberly, Ont. to the south, and 330km from St. Margarets in Rutherglen, Ont. to the west to St. Johns in Lancaster, Ont. to the east. The diocese is now part of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario (which includes the dioceses of Niagara, Toronto, Ontario, Huron, Algoma, Moosonee, and Ottawa) in the Anglican Church of Canada.

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