In the spring of 2015 the Parish committed to embarking on creating a five-year plan for the parish with the assistance of an external support person The aim is to work as a community to determine and consider what our ministry can look like in the Carp area and to think outside the box on how we will minister together.

Please participate in this important work!

Congregation Specific Conversations:

April 12th @ St. John’s after service the 11am service

April 19th @ Christ Church after the 9am service

April 26th @ St. James after the 10:30 service

Parish Wide Conversations:

On April 29th and May 6th there will be two parish wide conversations at the Parish Hall (6:30 – 9pm) on what we’ve heard and the essence of who the parish is.

Questions might include:

  • How do you connect with God through our Parish?
  • What was the experience of combined winter services?
  • What matters most in our Parish life?
  • As a parish with three buildings what are other ways that we can be efficient and sustainable?
  • How to we ensure that we can adapt to our realities/etc. today and in the future.

After that there will be some collecting and reflecting of our work (possibly including council, other assigned people, etc.) in the hopes to draw up a document that can be presented to the congregation on or before the combined Pentecost Sunday service.