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Job Opening ~ Project Coordinator

Sharing Wisdom Across the Ages Project Coordinator The Anglican Parish of Huntley is looking for a fun & creative individual who will lead the coordination and implementation of it’s project ‘Sharing Wisdom Across the Ages’. This is a part-time paid position that will begin in May 2016 and conclude in February 2017. Those interested should send… Read more

Sharing Wisdom Across the Ages

Sharing Wisdom Across the Ages is a five event program to enable our elders to share their valuable wisdom with young people and families. The program will include a cooking workshop (apple pie and jam maybe?), a historical bus tour of Carp, two knitting workshops, and a fun learning session on farming, agriculture and local food!… Read more

The Scent of Decay

The following post is from Pastor Monique’s blog on The Community. It is reprinted here for your reflection: (CC BY 2.0) Dawn Ellner, Flickr Here in Ottawa, there is no question that we have experienced one of the mildest Decembers in history. Snow did not cover our yards until mid-January, and it seemed to take… Read more

Understanding Holy Week

As a Christian you are called to participate in as much of Holy Week as you possibly can. This is such an important part of your discipleship and your faith journey. It is my hope that you will participate in a minimum of two services after you enter Holy Week on Sunday with the Liturgy… Read more

40 Days of Lent for Carp

Our annual 40 Days of Lent for Carp has been updated. Some are new things to do or consider while others were so good they had to be repeated! Blessings as you journey  through Lent. Pastor Monique 40 ideas for keeping a Holy Lent The Anglican Parish of Huntley ~ 2016   Don’t feel you… Read more

Online Lent Resources

                Here are some Lent Resources that I have come across that you may want to consider checking out: Guiding Teenagers through Lent: The Work of the People (a cool video resource, you can sign up for a free month): The Society of St. John the Evangelist has… Read more

Plump Squirrels and Climate Change

My recent blog post on the Anglican Church of Canada’s site is found HERE. Hope you enjoy! (Admittedly it might be time for us to do something about those squirrels!) Here is the plain text here: I remember thinking that the roof would cave in. Thunderous, powerful sounds moved from above and landed on the… Read more

Join us this Lent & Easter

Your spiritual journey… We know that it is not always easy to focus on our spiritual selves but our church community is made up of a group of families that are connected together by the desire to try! We worship and serve together; aware of the reality that faith is a life-long journey filled with many joys,… Read more