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Daily Bread Garden News

Announcing our new Garden Coordinator & our First Planting Day! I’m happy to announce that after receiving GIFT funding from the Diocese for the ongoing activities of the Daily Bread Garden we have hired a new Coordinator (Holly Graven) and started to work on the season ahead! Holly will be working on expanding the awareness,… Read more

Lent Links

Below please find the many links I provided in the E-News throughout Lent… Here is a wonderful video (yes it is a commercial at the end and is in a different language but it is lovely): Check it out HERE Another wonderful video… HERE This quote… by author Barbara Ehrenreich “Jesus’s teachings are so radical, they’re just insanely… Read more

Join us for Holy Week and Easter

Your spiritual journey… We know that it is not always easy to focus on our spiritual selves but our church community is made up of a group of families that are connected together by the desire to try! We worship and serve together; aware of the reality that faith is a life-long journey filled with many joys,… Read more

LESS ~ A homily for the second week of Lent

The homily uses the following readings: Genesis 12:1-4a; Psalm 121; Romans 4:1-5, 13-17; John 3:1-17  Less …. Today’s readings, fitting quite well with last week’s exploration around the temptation of ‘more’, are actually stories about less. Less is the theme of all of our readings this week. To Abraham God says – ‘go’… just go, and when you… Read more