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This Week’s Faith at Home

Vanderbilt Divinity Library has put together interesting slideshows for each week of readings. Each slide show has a variety of artistic depictions of the weekly readings and highlights some of the key texts. I have enjoyed looking through them and think you might enjoy them as well. You can find the list of weekly readings… Read more

Faith @ Home

Faith @ Home will include opportunities for you to read, listen, discuss, reflect, or ponder about different pieces of content that I will provide each week. Some weeks you may dig right in and take a look at all of the resources that I provide you with. Some weeks you may not even dig in at… Read more

Join us for Ice Cream Sunday

All are invited to join in at 10:30am on Sunday, September 11th at St. James Anglican for a special service celebrating the many blessings of the community of Carp. We will celebrate with a short service of giving thanks for the people, activities and organizations of our community and then we will celebrate with… ICE… Read more

Free Program launched ~ Sharing Wisdom Across the Ages

The Anglican Parish of Huntley launches free community program to bring seniors, young people and families together. Carp, June 1st, 2016: The Anglican Parish of Huntley is pleased to announce that it has launched a community-building project entitled ‘Sharing Wisdom Across the Ages’. The purpose of the program is to bring people of all ages… Read more